CONTRACT POSITION:                Country Director / MBB Haiti


REPORTS TO:                                 Executive Director




  • Work experience in Haiti preferred.

  • Conscientious, professional, energetic work ethic, with deep respect for women

  • College degree, master’s preferred

  • Computer literate: Windows, MS Office Word & Excel, Skype, Google Drive

  • Fluent (speak, read, write) in English + French or Haitian Kreyol

  • Experience and competence with budgets and record-keeping

  • Ability to work independently and well in cross-cultural settings

  • Skills in supervision, group facilitation, conflict management, assessment & planning

  • Flexibility, resilience and sense of humor




  1. Represent MBB in Haiti and assume ultimate responsibility for MBB projects in Haiti

  2. Directly supervise all MBB personnel in Haiti

  3. Establish positive working relationships with appropriate individuals and institutions in the region

  4. Assess MBB’s programs quarterly, recommending changes in direction, strategies and measurable short-term targets.

  5. Work within established budget to achieve organizational goals.

  6. Communicate regularly with MBB Exec Director via email and Skype; send written program reports and financial reports monthly along with photos.

  7. Handle other duties as assigned.

STATUS:        Fulltime; Contract basis, renewable annually.


COMPENSATION:       $2,000. USD per month plus free lodging



Qualified candidates please send CV with cover letter to Sr Marilyn Lacey: