Voices from Haiti & South Sudan

What to pack for Haiti

What to Pack!?   While Haiti may at first conjure up images of poverty and natural disasters, it is a Caribbean nation with a raw beauty and a fascinating culture. The temperature remains relatively consistent in Haiti throughout the year, averaging above 80 degrees the majority of the time. Haiti experiences two rainy seasons during each year; the first from April through June and the other from September through November. Prepare your luggage with a little bit of careful planning to get the most out of your trip to Haiti.   ITEMS YOU WILL NEED   Loose fitting clothing An appropriate outfit for a Sunday church service. Men: think polo shirt, shorts, sandals. Women: Think dress that meets the knee with no spaghetti straps Runners/Sneakers/Hiking Shoes Slip-on shoes/Sandals/Flip Flops Conservative bathing suit (No two-piece suits for women) Sunscreen Sunglasses Hat or Bandana Knapsack/Backpack Mosquito repellent A solar lamp or flashlight with spare batteries Two water bottles Anti Malaria Medications Cirproflaxin or Doxycycline for traveler’s diarrhea     STEP 1 Pack loose-fitting, light-colored clothing to stay cool in the Haiti heat. Natural fabrics, such as cotton, linen and silk, breathe better than synthetic fabrics, such as nylon. Pack outfit pieces that are interchangeable to limit the amount of clothing you need. Haitian citizens generally dress more modestly than many Western societies, so leave the short shorts and crop tops at home to avoid sticking out.   STEP 2 Pack a pair of runners or hiking shoes to wear during city and countryside travel. The streets and sewers fill quickly during rainstorms, so these closed toe shoes are recommended for comfort as... read more

St. Bakhita, More than a School

“I am happy to be studying and I have a home [St. Bakhita School] which is keeping me, but I miss my mother and brother Lopeta. Mother said she would come and see me and even take me to where she is living but she never came back. And she has not sent any message. It is now many years.”- MBB Scholar... read more

A Mother’s Worry

“If MBB didn’t pay for Michoudelene to go to school, I don’t think that she would be in school now.. I don’t know how I would help her continue her studies. Her older brother and sister are also in school, in the same class (year) as she is (7th).” ­- Orelus Michelene, Mom of MBB Scholar... read more

Growth in Gros Morne

“There was a man in the street with small coconut trees for sale and I told my mom that I  wanted one. When I came back from church, there was one waiting for me. I planted it here.”- MBB Scholar Roicka  ... read more

It Takes a Village…

“MBB helps with the school fees and helps a lot of the children [in the program] who live further away with the safe home[s]. We parents have to make an effort, too. We have to do our part.”- Dad of MBB Scholar Kettia read more

Smiles Say a Thousand Words

 “It’s a good thing that MBB helps with education because families will always find something for their children to eat, but school is secondary.”- Mom of MBB Scholar Leiby read more