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In post-war South Sudan & post-quake Haiti, Mercy Beyond Borders (MBB) develops the talent, leadership, & advocacy potential of marginalized women and girls


Research proves that education of women is the single most effective way to lift families up from extreme poverty. So at MBB, we put education at the core of our mission and our programs.


Educating women is powerful in itself; that power is amplified when we connect MBB scholars with one another. Together, they become advocates for change in their communities, countries, and beyond.


In cultures that undervalue women, MBB’s leadership programs waken women & girls to their dignity and teach them the skills to become future leaders.

Banks in South Sudan rarely loan money to women. MBB, however, teaches women business skills and trusts them with loans that enable them to build new futures for their families

90% of schools in Haiti are private, requiring tuition that most families cannot afford. MBB scholarships enable girls to continue their schooling.

1 of every 7 women in South Sudan dies during pregnancy or childbirth. Many MBB scholars are pursuing nursing careers in order to ease this grim statistic.

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